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AP Computer Science

Course Description

The curriculum of AP Computer Science in Java is based on the syllabus developed by the College Board. Topics include program design and implementation, algorithm analysis, standard data structures, and object-oriented programming design. AP Computer Science in Java emphasizes programming methodology with an emphasis on problem solving and algorithm development. It is intended to serve both as introductory courses for computer science majors, and for students who will major in disciplines that require significant involvement with computing.

Why Learn Computer Science?


  1. To learn problem solving skills
  2. To learn working with an intellectual team (if you allow/encourage such)
  3. To learn logical thought processes and that they can be creative and productive
  4. To prepare students for college and/or business majors in college
  5. To prepare students headed for business to work with ''geeks'' and to understand how/why the are the way they are and do what they do, the way they do it
  6. To  expose students to a technology that will increasingly impact their lives and future
  7. To have fun (opps best not let that one in!


-- Robert Icenogle

Platteview High School

Springfield NE 

“Society can only continue to success if individuals are trained to find logical solutions to the problems they face.”

 -- Brett 

Just as chemistry and physics were the sciences of the 20th century, genetics and computer science will be the sciences of the 21st century.

Computer science is the science of data and intelligence.  People who best have a handle on computer science, regardless of their primary profession, will be more successful and make more money and be happier and sexier and live longer and happier than others.

-- Gerry Donaldson 

The need for software is growing. We're going to need a lot of software engineers. It's important to start the stream of potential software engineers as early in school as possible. Otherwise our schools will be producing people who ask the software engineers we have to import from other countries whether they want fries with that...

-- Michael Trigoboff, Ph.D.

Computer Science Department

Portland Community College


“In an increasingly technological society, it is important for well- educated adults to have a basic understanding of how the technology they use works. In the same way we require them to learn basic chemistry, physics, and biology, not because they will pursue those careers but because we believe that a basic understanding of those topics is important for them to understand the world around them, so is an understanding of computer science necessary in the 21st century."

Michelle Friend Hutton

Computer Science Department Head

The Girls' Middle School


"Computer Science requires students to learn how to give instructions to a servant (i.e. computer) in a way the servant can understand.  Anyone wanting to 'rule the world' (i.e. our students) must first be able to give proper instructions to those servants.  Without learning this, the servant will rule the student." (Then ask the faculty if any of them ever feels the computer is "ruling" them because they don't understand the "servants'" language.)


 -- John Meinzen


Back To School Night

Hello Parents!!

If you missed Back To School Night or would like the PowerPoint notes from the event for this class, please click this link;

AP Computer Science Back To School PowerPoint

Summer Assignments

Students that intend on taking the AP Computer Science "A" course in the Fall, need to complete the following summer assignments;

Download this link to your desktop to gain access to all summer work for AP Computer Science.

Summer Assignments File
(updated July 01, 2014)

After downloading the file, "unzip" or "extract" it to a new folder.  Usually accepting the default selections in this process is OK.  Once you have unzipped or extracted the file, DELETE the downloaded zip file to avoid any future confusion.  If you try to run programs, etc. directly from the .zip file, there will be problems with some file operations and you will NOT have a successful start to your programming experience.

After unzipping or "extracting" the file, open the file folders and click on the "Start_Here_For_Summer_Work.htm" file, NOT THE FOLDER OF THE SAME NAME -  to get started.  A new web page will open with all the exciting directions you have been just dying to see.

Questions may be forwarded to Mr. Heidner through district loopmail or my CUSD email -

Zip 101 - Information about zipping and unzipping file compression.

P2230048.JPG P2230041.JPG P2230042.JPG P2230043.JPG P2230044.JPG P2230045.JPG P2230046.JPG P2230047.JPG

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Basic Computer Architecture
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Object Oriented Programming
Primitive Data Types in Java
Object Behavior
Designing and Using Classes
Libraries and API’s
Simple Input/Output
Control Structures

Detailed Lab Work
String Class
Exceptions and File I/O
Boolean Algebra – Loop Boundaries
Single Dimension Arrays
Quadratic Sorting Algorithms
Two Dimension Arrays
Merge and MergeSort
Searches: Sequential and Binary
Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Abstract Classes
Number Systems

Detailed Syllabus Here

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