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I signed a credit agreement, can I withdraw?

Generally, as a borrower, you are bound from the moment you sign a credit agreement. The law nevertheless authorizes you to renounce your engagement provided that the general conditions of the lender so provide in a clear and concise manner. Let us take stock of this significant protection organized by the legislator for consumers.   […]

What is a pledge loan?

It is likely that talking about pledge or pledge will be unknown to us at first. However, if instead of referring to pledges we talk about efforts, we will surely face a much more familiar term. Actually, we talk about the same thing: pledge loans and pawns are based on the loan of money in […]

How do I take a loan for maternity capital?

Not everyone knows that many families today have a unique opportunity to get a loan under maternity capital. These are primarily loan programs that give many families a chance to solve their housing or education problems.   How To Use Maternity Fund To Buy Home On Credit? First, it must be made clear that this […]

Mortgage Loans – What Is It?

In the family of mortgage loans, the mortgage loan occupies a special place, while remaining close to traditional amortizable credit. As the name suggests, mortgage credit must relate to real estate owned by the borrower, whether it is property acquired through the loan in question or another property. But it can also serve other purposes […]

Bad credit history is a judgment?

So you needed a loan. After being rejected in one bank, you went to another bank, but even there you failed. What’s the problem? It seems you have an income certificate and the amount required is not exorbitant. These problems mostly occur in people with poor credit ratings. What does that mean? It’s simple: at […]

Do I ask for a loan or a large mortgage?

Do you have a mortgage contracted and need a loan? In that case, you might find two possibilities interesting; extend the mortgage a few more years (as you need) or ask for a loan to the elderly. Next we will analyze which option could be better for you based on your needs, to make it […]

Policy loans: Use life insurance contracts as a short-term source of money!

The Germans and the topic of saving – a connection that is always assumed to us German citizens as an “innate quality”. It may sound hard and somewhat exaggerated in the eyes of one or the other, but it is ultimately always confirmed by appropriate statistics Let’s take a look at saving in the form […]

Line of credit, what it is and what benefits it has – Fintonic

One of the leading financial products, and which companies use when they need it, is the credit line, also known as a credit policy. This word may sound to you, but if you are here you probably need to know what it is and what benefits it has over other solutions. Let’s see   Credit […]