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Attendance Procedures

24 hour Attendance line  (949) 234-5361

 Direct Attendance line  (949) 234-5348


Zero Period Attendance Policy:  Enrollment in a zero period class is a privilege granted to students who demonstrate punctual and faithful attendance.  There are a limited number of zero period classes; each class is only 50 minutes long; zero period is outside of the regular school day; often more students request zero period classes than classes can accommodate.  Therefore, students enrolled in zero period classes are expected to attend zero period daily.  Students will be withdrawn from the zero period class on the 7th absence and/or the 7th tardy for any reason.  Any combination of absences or tardies (regardless of the reason) that equal 7 will be grounds for removal of a student from zero period.


            It is our desire at Tesoro High School that students attend classes regularly and have a successful year.  To that end, it will be helpful for each family to maintain regular communication with the attendance office staff.   An absence list will be posted daily for the previous day on the Attendance window.  Students are encouraged to check this list and rectify their absences immediately with the Attendance Office. Whenever your son or daughter is absent, please call the attendance office the same day as the absence. In the event you need to call while the school switchboard is not in operation, a 24 hour message line is available at (949) 234-5361.  When calling the message line, please speak slowly and clearly spelling the full name and grade of your child. Also, please leave one of the reasons for the absence listed below:



Illness/Injury: including medical appointments.  (Teachers will allow make up work.)

Five (or more) consecutive school day absences (for illness) can only be cleared by a doctor’s note.


Funeral                                  Religious event

College visit                            Court date


Personal business: any absence not listed above (for example, non-medical appointments, vacations, oversleeping, etc.).  Generally, these absences are considered unexcused and it is up to the discretion of the teachers to allow make up work.


Truancies: including uncleared absences and leaving without permission.  Disciplinary action will be taken. Teachers are not required to allow make-up work.



Arriving Late

Students who arrive late to class create a disruption to the classroom teacher regardless of the reason the student is late.  Students are to report to the Attendance windows if they are more than 15 minutes late to school.  Students will receive a late pass from the Attendance Office and use this pass to admit them into class.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with the classroom teacher when their son/daughter is repeatedly late.


Leaving School Early

It is sometimes necessary for the student to leave before the school day is over.  In this case, a parent/guardian must contact the attendance office prior to the student leaving campus.  The attendance office requires that the student come to the attendance office before he/she leaves campus and pick up a prearranged early out slip (during non-class time).  Please coordinate with your child the details regarding his/her early departure from school and where you will pick-up your child. The school recommends that students be picked up at the flagpole. Students who leave campus without permission are considered truant and parents are unable to clear the truancy.


Off-campus permits will be issued for the following reasons:

  1. Illness verified by the School Health Office
  2. Appointments with the doctor, dentist or optometrist (the signature of the doctor or doctor’s nurse must be obtained at the time of the appointment)
  3. Illness/death in the family or funeral attendance when verified by a parent


Due to time constraints, the Attendance Office staff may be unable to assist with student/parent requests for students to leave campus during the last 20 minutes of the school day.  Please refrain from making requests during this time period.



Any absence that is not cleared by the office within 72 hours will become a truancy and disciplinary action may be taken by the Assistant Principal. Students are held responsible for their attendance record. The school suggests the following: check the daily absence list for the previous day that is posted on the Attendance Window, check with teachers (especially on sub days) to verify roll, respond immediately when uncleared absence letters are mailed home, and periodically call the attendance office to verify attendance. In the event your son or daughter is repeatedly truant, it is a good practice to call the Attendance office often to verify attendance.




Our office will request homework from the teachers on behalf of a student who is ill for three or more consecutive days only when requested to do so by a parent.  We will need 24 hours to collect it,  and it must be picked up during office hours (7:30-3:30).  Students who are suspended for more than two days will have their homework automatically requested. Parents are advised to make arrangements to collect the homework as soon as possible.




Any student needing to have medication throughout the school day must have a medical release form completed by a doctor and parent or guardian.  Medications are locked up and dispensed according to doctor’s orders.  This includes prescription and over the counter medications.  Students are responsible for coming to the office at the correct time to take their medicine.  If your student has special medical needs, please contact the school to discuss the details of your student’s particular situation.  Students are not permitted to share medication of any kind with other students. 

Students who give medication to, or receive medication from, another student will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible recommendation for expulsion.  The Health Office does not keep any over-the-counter medication for general student use.



Independent Study Contract

These contracts are for students planning on missing regular instruction time due to extended absences for non-medical reasons, and include a minimum of 5 school day absences.  Our office will need at least 10 school days advance notice in order to collect the assignments and necessary signatures.  Parents must come in person to the attendance office during school business hours to sign each contract in addition to the permission slip.  Students are responsible for asking the teachers to sign the contract and provide the assignments.  Before leaving for the trip, students must return contracts to the office where we will retain a portion of the contract forms.  State attendance auditors closely audit independent study contracts, and all steps must be followed completely. 




Health Office

Each school site is provided with a Health Technician who divides his/her time between five schools.  On average, a Health Technician is present each day.  Therefore, our office staff assumes the responsibilities of caring for ill and injured students.  We are here for emergency care only.  Should a student fall sick during the day, he/she must go home to recuperate, as our facilities are not adequate to provide proper care for long periods at of time.  Any student injured during the school day is brought to our office, evaluated and provided with first aid measures.  If the student is unable to return to school activities, it may be necessary to contact a parent to decide if the child should be seen by the family physician or be taken home to rest. When a student comes to the office, it is the student’s responsibility to inform an adult in the office that he/she is present.



Phone Use

The office phones are for school use only.  Students who must leave school early for any reason may use the phone in order to obtain permission to leave from a parent.  A staff member must speak with the parent in order to secure permission.



Delivering messages or personal items

Since it is our desire to maintain a learning environment that is uninterrupted, the attendance office does not deliver items or messages to students in non-emergency situations. Students are responsible for bringing everything with them at the start of the day.  This includes homework, study materials, uniforms, and lunches.  We appreciate your understanding that instructional time should not be interrupted.


Excused Absence for Student Observance of Religious Holidays

The student and/or parent have the responsibility to make arrangements with the classroom teacher for any make-up assignments. The classroom teacher will make every effort not to schedule tests during or on the school day following religious holidays and will provide make-up assignments or inform students of post-holiday tests prior to the holiday being observed. The student will be allowed two (2) days for each day of absence to make up assignments and/or tests if tests must be scheduled during the period of absence or on the day he/she returns to class. Additional time may be given at the classroom teacher’s discretion. (BP 6154a)



Make-up Work

Students shall be given the opportunity to make up school work missed because of an excused absence or suspension and shall receive full credit if the work is turned in according to the school’s established make-up schedule. (BP 6154a)




The Governing Board believes that homework properly designed, carefully planned, and which is appropriate to the development of the individual student is an essential part of an effective, well-planned instructional program. The administration and certificated staff design homework plans and assignments so that, through their homework, students can reinforce academic skills taught in school and learn how to conduct research effectively, develop ideas creatively, and become life-long learners. Homework, if properly designed, significantly strengthens student learning and achievement.


The Board believes homework is the responsibility of the student. It is the student’s job to develop regular study habits and to do most assignments independently. The Board encourages all teachers to view the parent/guardian as a contributing resource and to structure homework assignments to involve the parent/guardian without diminishing the student’s sense of responsibility. When assigning homework that involves interaction with parent/guardians, teachers should include instructions that show how parent/guardians can best help their children. To be effective, homework assignments should not place an undue burden on students and families. Homework should reinforce classroom learning objectives and be related to individual student needs and abilities. Homework can involve a variety of activities related to the established curriculum and does not need to be exclusively “paper and pencil.” This can also include advance preparation for upcoming lessons.

(BP 6154 a)