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Parking Fees

Full Year -
$100 with ASB Card or
$110.00 without ASB Card 

Second Semester -
$50.00 with ASB Card or
$60.00 without ASB Card 

The replacement fee for a lost or stolen parking permit is:
Full Year - $110.00 with ASB card or $120.00 without ASB card 


THS Parking Regulations can be found within the Student Handbook in the Parking Information  area.

Limited parking for students is available in the student lot nearest Oso Parkway.  Additional student parking is available west of the 800/900 buildings.  Students may park in the spaces furthest from the buildings.  Those spaces directly across from, and closest to, the buildings are reserved for faculty and staff.  An additional student lot is located farther south between the football stadium and the baseball field.  Any space marked as “SENIOR” or "S" is reserved for seniors only. 


Senior Parking Information

Seniors:  At Registration, pick up a parking permit application. Please read the application in its entirety, especially the Parking Rules, Regulations, and General Information. Parking Permit Application and fee can be submitted on the dates below


  • Monday, August 25, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Upon school opening, during regular school hours (8:00 to 3:00 – before school, break, lunch and after school ONLY)


  1. Drivers license and current vehicle registration          

  2. Cash or check made out to Tesoro High School (see fees to the left)

PRIVILEGE:  Because parking is limited at THS, it is treated as a privilege and is available to students who work hard.  As a result, any student who receives two or more “F’s” at a 6-week grading period will lose their parking permit and will be re-evaluated at the next 6-week grading period.   Any student receiving one “F” as a semester grade will not be eligible for parking until the next 6-week grading period of the ensuing semester and grades have improved.  Excessive tardies and/or truancy periods may also result in a permit being revoked.     

Junior Parking Information

JuniorsAt Registration, pick up a parking permit application. Please read the Parking Permit Application in its entirety, especially the Parking Rules, Regulations, and General Information. If you have already attended the Distracted Driving Presentation offered in the spring, then your Parking Permit Application can be submitted on the above dates. If you have not attended the Distracted Driving Presentation, the next Distracted Driving Presentation will be held on Wednesday, September 10 at 7 am in the theater. You must bring a parent/guardian, and your student ID for scanning at the end of the presentation; at that time you may submit your completed Lottery Parking Permit Application for enrollment in the lottery.