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2014-2015 Student Handbook

Disciplinary Policies & Procedures

Our goal at Tesoro High School is to help each student become a positive and responsible citizen. We know that the majority of students will work toward this goal by respecting the rights of others, respecting personal and school property, and by practicing acceptable behavior. The following rules and regulations are in effect on or near school grounds, off campus during school hours, at school-sponsored functions, and while on the way to or from school or school activities. Unless otherwise noted, the discipline consequences apply for the entire current school year.

Hierarchy of Discipline Consequences

Hierarchy of Discipline Consequences

Placement on the hierarchy of discipline consequences is determined by the individual infraction.

Level  1- Warning

Level  2- Detention – Teacher assigned

Level  3- One hour detention/ Letter sent home/ Possible Behavior Contract/ Step Advancement

Level  4- Saturday School and Behavior Contract/ Step Advancement

Level  5- Contract step/ Parent Contact/ Intervention Step

Level  6- Suspension (1-5 days)/ Parent conference/ Intervention/ Contract step

Level  7- School Transfer/ Suspension

Level  8- Recommend Expulsion/ School Transfer/ Suspension

Note: Any student who is suspended from school may not be on campus or attend school-related activities (on or off campus) while on suspension.  Any student who is involuntarily transferred to an alternative educational site may not attend Tesoro High School activities (on or off campus).

The 5 Intervention system: High schools district-wide follow a practice of progressive discipline.  Any student who violates the discipline policies of Tesoro High School is allowed only five interventions by an Assistant Principal. At the point of each referral/intervention, his/her Assistant Principal will assess whether or not the particular violation necessitates an intervention step. An intervention step is defined as an offense that necessitates a meeting with an Assistant Principal or is an offense where the consequence results in an assignment of a Saturday School.

The below intervention process is followed:

1st Intervention- Conference with Assistant Principal/designee. Administration of consequence for violation. Parent contact by letter and/or phone. Possible Behavior Contract established.

2nd Intervention- Conference with Assistant Principal/designee. Administration of consequence for violation. Parent contact by letter and/or phone. Behavior Contract established.

3rd Intervention- All of interventions 1 & 2 plus the following possible action: a parent conference is encouraged.

(Parking privilege revoked at Step 2 on Behavior Contract.)

4th Intervention- All of interventions 1, 2, & 3 plus the following possible action: home suspension for current infraction, all extra curricular activity privileges revoked (including prom/formal, senior activities & possibly graduation ceremony).

5th Intervention- All of interventions 1, 2, 3, & 4 plus the following possible action: Home suspension and possible involuntary transfer to alternative education.

**The school official executing the discipline policies and procedures exercises the right to adapt his/her decision to meet the fair and appropriate consequence that fits each individual situation.